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Design of the Week: Grmpff

This week's selection is "Grmpff" by German-based designer Kai Bracher
The piece is entirely ornamental, displaying a figure exerting strong force on a sack, which is apparently pinned down by a wall peg. In reality, of course, the figure simply slides onto the peg. You can also apply a magnet to the base for attachment to your refrigerator. 
We like this 6cm sculpture because it tells a story. It's active from the moment you see the anguished fellow struggling to remove the sack for some unknown reason. He's pulling downwards, taking advantage of gravity to aid in his endless task. The sack will never be removed. 
But you can have one on your wall by purchasing a copy from Bracher's Shapeways shop for as little as USD$24.56. Gr

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