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Designing A 3D Printed Character

Ryan Boyle of The Hive has produced a tutorial showing the process of designing and 3D printing a unique character using Cinema 4D 3D modeling software. 
Most of the video walks through the design process in Cinema 4D. It's a high-powered 3D modeling tool that is not often mentioned by those in the 3D printing world, but as this video shows, it is quite capable of producing printable 3D models, unlike some other popular 3D modeling tools. 
We're interested in this video because it shows in some detail the design process using a high-end tool. If you've never seen an item being designed in 3D, this is the video you should watch. 
At the end of the video, Boyle simply pushes "print" and his MakerBot produces the character. That tells you the true story of 3D printing - it's not the printer, it's the design that counts. 

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