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Coca Cola 3D Prints Mini-Me's

Here's an interesting marketing angle: Coca Cola Israel recently launched their new "mini bottle". To promote it they offered a free 3D print of the winners. Yes, "of the winners". 
A contest selected a small number of winning entrants, who were then invited to Coca Cola Israel's factory, where sophisticated full-body 3D scanners captured their shapes. After a quick 3D print in a 3D Systems color printer, the winners were presented with a model of themselves. 
The video describes the gift as: "we gave them a personal experience they will remember forever." While a 3D printed figurine is pretty unique today, we suspect in the future it won't be. And the quality of the print will be much better, too. Years from now they'll look back at the experience and realize they were slightly ahead of everyone else. 


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