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3D Printing Stocks Get a Boost from CitiGroup

In early trading this week 3D Systems (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) stocks took a dramatic jump as analysts from Citigroup gave the two companies a “buy” ratings. By midsession on Monday 3D Systems’ stock was up 8% garnering a $52.41 price per share. Nearly mirroring DDD’s performance, Stratasys’ stock rose 5% to a whopping $111.07.
According to Citigroup, 3D Systems’ printers are "best positioned to capitalize on all three potential market opportunities (prototyping, manufacturing, consumer)". Analysts at the global bank also believe Stratasys can achieve "sustainable margin expansion and earnings growth with materials consumption driving recurring revenue mix". Citi placed its upper bar for SSYS at $125.

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