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Fab All Thing's Unusual Business Model

A new startup called Fab All Things is attempting to use a new business model involving 3D printing. Here's how it works: 
Every month, we fabricate new products using 3d printing, lasercutting and cnc milling and put them in our marketplace – the twist is that you design the products and you pick what we make and sell. We then manufacture, package and sell the designs and split the profits with you.
It's like a Shapeways in some ways, but involves MORE than just 3D printing. Those familiar with 3D printing will know that you can't 3D print anything - it works only on particular shapes for particular purposes. 
But that can dramatically change if you leverage other manufacturing techniques at the same time. Laser and plasma cutting, vacuum forming, CNC milling and routing can all produce components that have advantages and disadvantages that differ from those of 3D printing. Combining pieces together can produce products that have much more capability. 
But how do you do that, exactly? 
One way is to use Fab All Things, which involves submitting designs and voting. Take a look at designs previously submitted and you'll get the idea. Some designs may use large CNC or Laser-cut pieces and smaller, more intricate and complex 3D printed components.
Ironically, the August competition at Fab All Things is nothing less than "3D Printed Jewelry". 

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