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Over The Top: The World's Biggest Rubik's Cube is 3D Printed

We've been reviewing the accomplishments of puzzle makers who have made the leap into 3D printed designs and found, quite literally, the world's biggest Rubik's cube. 
3D printing unleashes the imagination of designers, permitting ideas to become reality. One particular creation industry has strongly latched onto this capability: puzzle making.  
Master puzzle maker Oskar van Deventer of Leidschendam, the Netherlands has made full use of this technological advantage by creating numerous complex 3D printed puzzles, many of which are available for purchase on Shapeways. His most notable creation: "Over the Top", a seventeen-by-seventeen sided Rubik's cube. Yes, we said SEVENTEEN (see image above).
How do we know this is the largest? The item actually holds a Guinness World Record certificate saying so. 
We're no experts in puzzle solving, so we won't attempt solving it, but van Deventer says it will take "many, many hours to solve"
Or years in our case. 

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