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DealExtreme Sells 3D Printers

Another major retailer sells 3D printers: Deal Extreme, one of the more popular online shops for electronics equipment, now sells the Heacent 3D printer kit. 
The Heacent 3DP02 kit is from a Chinese manufacturer and is based on the tried-and-true RepRap Prusa Mendel design. It's specifications include a 200x200x100mm build volume equipped with a heated print bed; 0.3mm nozzle capable of extruding PLA and ABS plastic (and anything else you'd like to try as well). 
The key feature for this product we believe to be the price: USD$674, including free shipping, one of the least expensive 3D printer kits you might encounter. That will get you a Heacent kit that you'll enjoy putting together. If you think the 3DP02 is still too pricey, perhaps you'd consider the other Heacent available at Deal Extreme: the Heacent 3DP01, currently marked down to USD$640. 

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