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Design of the Week: Julia Vase #011 - Heatwave

This week's selection is Virtox's Julia Vase #011 - "Heatwave". We previously selected a Julia Vase as the Design of the Week, but "Heatwave" is so beautiful we simply had to choose one again. 
Virtox, a.k.a. notable 3D modeler Stijn van der Linden, specializes in generated designs. Julia vases are created mathematically using complex algorithms. By tweaking the parameters, Virtox was able to coax out this startling design. 
This amazing design is available for free download at Thingiverse. 
Our suggestions: print in white ABS plastic and use the acetone process to smooth it to a shiny finish. Alternatively, print it in any translucent PLA plastic and insert an LED light to create a small lamp. 

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