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Thing-a-ma-Print, A 3D Model Repository

We've noticed another 3D model repository dedicated to printable models: Thing-a-ma-Print. Currently the site holds only 50 or so 3D models, but each model is indeed 3D printable. 
The content of the site appears to be focused on 3D printer parts, such as the M5 Nut Thumb Wheel or the Hot-End Exit Duct for Aluminatus T1. There's also tech content such as the Parametric Appliance Knob, which would be very useful for anyone facing a $40 bill to replace a broken washing machine control. 
The high ratio of tech content is likely a reflection of the site's major audience: 3D printer kit makers. 
We're wondering if the overwhelming avalanche of models in Thingiverse will cause more sites like this to emerge. Sites that focus on particular domains and are thus more familiar and engaging to a specific audience. 

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