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Through a Scanner Fails, Then Succeeds

You might recall the Kickstarter project of one Cosmo Wenman of San Diego, who attempted to raise funds for a project to produce freely downloadable printable 3D scans of famous sculptures. Wenman required funds to arrange for travel and working expenses, but the fundraising campaign failed, having raised only USD$8,174 of the target USD$35,000. Sigh, no scans for us. 
Not so fast! Wenman has secured a single, private investor to cover the costs of the scanning project. That supporter: none other than 3D software giant Autodesk. 
Autodesk has provided not only funds, but 3D services to aid in the project. The result should be an excellent collection of classic sculptures, each a digital copy of the physical copies currenty stored in Basel's Skulpturhalle. The Swiss collection is not original works, but is actually a large set of casts from the originals. 
We're greatly anticipating the release of notable sculptures, which were revered in their day and which will be amazing once again when they emerge from your 3D printer. 

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