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3D Printing Arrives in Argentina with Kikai Labs

3D printing is now inexpensive and this means its use can become widespread very rapidly. Argentina-based Kikai Labs hopes to carry 3D printing forward in South America, with their own locally produced 3D printer design. 
While their virtual store currently operates in Argentina, they apparently will open up sales in neighboring Uruguay soon. 
There's no particular magic with Kikai Lab's 3D printer, the T120 and T125. They are RepRap-derived designs of which many exist worldwide. But the difference here is the local angle. The devices are produced within Argentina and more importantly are supported locally using appropriate language, culture and expectations. These aspects can be challenging for the big offshore vendors to market their products in a regional space. The gap is filled by companies such as Kikai Labs. 
Via Kikai Labs (en español)

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