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Matterform Sales Open

Matterform's fundraising campaign closed this spring achieving a total of "only" six times their target, but until now that was the only way to order one of their attractive tabletop 3D scanners. We received word from Co-Founder Adam Brandejs that their website now accepts pre-orders. 
We were also informed that the latest version of the device can now scan with up to 0.25mm accuracy, meaning that the scans will turn out wonderfully when printed with a personal 3D printer. They've also improved the industrial design with a few tweaks as you can see in the above image. We especially like the way it folds up to become portable. 
Finally, we must talk about the price. This scanner is priced at a mere USD$579. Why is this so interesting? Because its competitor, the MakerBot Digitizer, is priced at USD$1400 (USD$1550 with optional support program added), almost three times as much for a very similar function.  
The Matterform 3D Scanner has one other major advantage over the MakerBot Digitizer: it captures full color 3D scans. 
If you need a tabletop 3D scanner, best check them out. 

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