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Form 1 Shipping Update

The spectacular Kickstarter launch of Formlabs months ago was just the first part. A large number of orders merely indicates strong interest in a product. We reserved judgement until we saw that Formlabs was able to deliver the numerous Form 1 personal 3D printers. Now we have evidence of that success. 
Formlabs has posted information about their latest shipment, which, basically, is revealed in the image above. They've shipped some 712 units to points in North America, with more to come in subsequent weeks. Apparently they have a production line staff of almost 20 people piecing together the well-regarded resin-based 3D printer. 
We're very impressed with the transparency exhibited by Formlabs. Most other manufacturers are quite secretive about their shipments, but not so with Formlabs. They even relate some of the challenges they were forced to overcome: 
At one point, we received 300 defective covers — that left us with 300 nearly-assembled machines waiting on the factory floor for replacements to be fabricated and shipped.
Nevertheless, it appears they've been able to break through the barriers and ship the required units. 

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