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Leopoly is another web-based 3D sculpting tool that can create 3D printable objects. 
What makes Leopoly unique? We think it is quite easy to use; almost anyone could rapidly create interesting 3D objects with no prior use of the tool. It's basically self-explanatory: the controls are all within a command wheel composed of easy to understand icons. 
The commands are similar to other sculpting products and include such commands as push, pull, sculpt, edge, mirror and more. You will be easily able to zoom the view all around your creation to ensure it is complete. 
Leopoly is made by Leonar3Do, makers of 3D virtual reality solutions, who evidently turned their 3D expertise towards the creation of this online tool. 
One of Leopoly's interesting features is its social content. Each 3D model can be posted for public viewing, comment and favoriting. You can even take one of the public models and use it as a starting point for your sculpture. Our favorite feature: start with a random model from the repository. 
Is there a catch? Yes. The tool is not free, although it may seem to be when you register. Certainly you can do sculpting, but you'll find several key features absent until you upgrade to the pay-for version. Features like "save" and "export", which we feel are critical for any 3D print user. The cost to upgrade to "LeopolyNEXT" is USD$10 per month or USD$75 per year. 

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