3DTin’s New Owners

3DTin’s New Owners
One of the very few browser-based 3D modeling tools has changed hands. 3DTin has been acquired by Montreal-based 3D startup Lagoa. 
3DTin’s New OwnersLagoa focuses on solving the problem of 3D requiring high-end computing power, which typically isn’t available on the increasingly frequent ultra-portable laptops. People love the portability, but 3D just doesn’t work so well without proper graphics cards and a lot of electricity. Lagoa provides the graphics power in the cloud, enabling startlingly gorgeous rendering, even on the lowliest laptop. 
And now they have 3DTin, too. 
We think this is a very important acquisition for Lagoa, as the two functions should complement each other. 3D models can use color rendering and color rendering requires 3D models. 
We’re not so sure about how this benefits the 3D printing community, however. Lagoa’s space is 3D for rendering purposes, not for printing as far as we can tell. They provide very sophisticated color rendering services, but at this point color capability in 3D printing is either basic or absent. The combination of 3DTin and Lagoa won’t impact 3D printing significantly until there are major developments in color 3D print technology. 
Meanwhile, you can continue to use 3DTin to develop 3D models for mono color 3D printing. 
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