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3D Systems Launches 3D Anatomical Service

3D printing giant 3D Systems announced the launch of their new Bespoke Modeling service. It's a 3D model repository and sharing service, much like others that have emerged in recent years, but there's a big difference here: this repository is focused on the medical industry. 
Why the medical industry? Because there's an increasing amount of 3D models that are obtained from med scanners of various sorts. These scans are prepared by operators who need to share them with specialists who need to discuss them with general practitioners. In other words, for a given scan there are plenty of people who need to see, annotate and discuss them. This will no doubt increase as remote medicine techniques and teaching grow.
3D Systems offers the Bespoke Modeling service for USD$30 per month, which is quite affordable for the medical industry, who need only a browser to use the service. 

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