Design of the Week: Mining Habitat

Design of the Week: Mining Habitat
This week’s selection is “Mining Habitat” by artist Micah Genske. It portrays a bizarre combination of artificial gravity-rotating space station with industrial mining operations, complete with smokestacks. 
Design of the Week: Mining Habitat
The work is huge, as you can see in this image. Despite its size, it was apparently produced on a standard MakerBot personal 3D printer. We suspect Genske printed multiple parts and then assembled them into the final work. He says: 
My sculptures are designed digitally and produced using a MakerBot 3D printer. Just as important to me as the amazing results that can be achieved with this exciting technology, is what it represents as a forward-looking technology. The dream of being able to replicate objects has always been a fixture of science fiction and I whole-heartedly embrace it as a way to create impossible artworks.
Design of the Week: Mining Habitat
We love the smoke. Check out this item and his other spacey designs at the site below. 
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