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Iris van Herpen's Beyond Wilderness Shoes

If there is a fashion designer pushing the envelope of 3D printed design, it is Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. Her frequent exhibitions often shock viewers with radical concepts enabled by 3D printing. We could write many things about van Herpen's work, but today we examine the shoes designed for her latest exhibition, Wilderness Embodied Haute Couture in which she collaborated with designer Rem D Koolhaas to produce these amazing shoes. 
The shoes were worn by models showing other fashion pieces, but we felt the shoes themselves deserved significant attention. According to the Shoe Museum, van Herpen:
focuses on the forces of nature, and examines the relationship high above the ground, while simultaneously grounding them to the floor. The shoes were inspired by the dramatic banyan tree and looked as if they were naturally grown, rather than digitally created.
If you like these shoes, wait until you see the rest of the collection. 

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