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Not Quite a Nuclear 3D Print

Some 3D models are lousy for 3D printing - they may be difficult to print, expensive or just plain dull. But this one is interesting. As you can see, it's a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. With an LED light installed in a version printed in plastic of the correct translucency, it looks great. Almost real, albeit a bit smaller and somewhat less dangerous than a real one. 
But there's a few problems with this particular model, which can be found at Thingiverse at the link below. The model is entirely solid, which makes the notion of implanting a light rather impractical. Worse, a solid item like this will involve 3D printing a massive amount of plastic, most of which is unnecessary as it will be unseen inside the model. 
Another issue with this model is overhangs. While most 3D printers have some capability to print support structures, the design of this model would necessarily require a massive amount of them. 
Two issues, two solutions: Hollow out the model, perhaps including an interior mounting platform and cable househole for a light; redesign the cloud shape to require far fewer (and maybe no) support structures.  
It's a lesson in 3D print design: If you have a great idea, make it as printable as possible! 

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