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Design of the Week: Reverberating Across the Divide

This week’s selection is Madeline Gannon’s Reverberating Across the Divide project, a 3D printed, custom-fitted decorative collar. 
Gannon, a doctoral student studying generative fabrication and computational design in the CMU School of Architecture, developed a technique for generating this collar using a combination of computational and manual processes. 
Please watch the video above, where you’ll see how digitally generated squids were flung across the surface of a body, gradually building up the collar shape. Once generated, it’s a simple matter to 3D print out the model and wear the collar in real life. Gannon says: 
Chronomorphology is a composite recording of an object’s movement. Instead of a photograph, however, the recording medium here is a full three-dimensional model of the object — a virtual creature simulated within a digital environment. This virtual creature exists as a 3D printable module; it is constructed as a closed mesh, with a spring skeleton that prevents self-intersections. The composite, chronomorphologic model (of the virtual creature over time) retains these printable properties at each time-step. Therefore, no matter how intricate or complex, the digital geometry will always be exported as a valid, 3D printable mesh.
Via Vimeo

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