Makeraser’s Smooth Launch

Makeraser’s Smooth Launch
Finally Makeraser is available for purchase, having launched on Kickstarter this week. It’s not a 3D printer, but everyone who owns a 3D printer should certainly get one. 
It’s a multi-use accessory that leverages acetone’s peculiar property of dissolving ABS plastic. In the past we’ve seen various attempts to use acetone to smooth ABS prints, typically by immersing them in a glass chamber filled with highly flammable heated acetone vapor. 
The Makeraser is a far safer method of achieving similar results. The designers realized that instead of immersing a print in acetone, you merely needed to touch the surface with a very small amount of acetone, such as you may do with a dainty cotton ball. 
Makeraser’s Smooth Launch
Through some experiments, they devised a type of “pen” that delivers acetone through a felt tip. You simply “paint” your object with the Makeraser tip to smooth out the surface. It may take a bit longer than the acetone vapor approach, but we’d prefer to be safe. 
But that’s not all. The Makeraser was discovered to have multiple other uses, including: 
  • Gluing ABS parts together
  • Prepping a print bed for guaranteed ABS sticking
  • Sealing holes in a print
  • Removing small protuberances
You can have one of these useful devices by purchasing from Kickstarter for only USD$99. But wait – you’ll also get a “razor sharp” scraper for removing ABS prints securely fastened to your print bed by the Makeraser. 
And there’s even more! They’re also including a bottle of Makelastic, a new liquid treatment that makes PLA prints flexible! Yep, print in solid, rigid PLA, soak it in Makelastic and it become very flexible. No need for purchasing flexible filament! 
Definitely a very good deal for some terrific tools.  
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