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The Beautiful Objects of MakerShop

Need something to 3D print? Tired of endlessly scrolling through Thingiverse? If that’s the case, you might want to try MakerShop, an alternative source for freely downloadable 3D models. 
Like most Thingiverse competitors, MakerShop has a far more limited selection of models. The site is organized into “Shops” by individual designers. One shop we particularly liked was Fantasygraph, which contains a pretty amazing collection of figures, such as the Anais sculpture above. 
If you download these, please inspect them first to ensure you can actually print them on your device - some have significant overhangs that may require support or even different printing processes. 
We’re going to try out some of these models soon. Why don’t you too? Don't forget to drop a donation while you're there. 

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