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The Fusematic 3D Printer

Maker’s Tool Works has announced a new 3D printer kit, the Fusematic. It succeeds MTW’s previous model, the MendelMax 2 by being “smaller, faster, and more affordable”
MTW simplified assembly by including assembly guides on the case, using linear rails, preassembling and pre-loading the electronics and keying the connectors. 
After assembly, you’ll find the Fusematic performs well as it encloses all electronics, which were exposed on the MendelMax, prints faster with a lighter Bowden extruder and it’s easier to calibrate. 
The device actually has a smaller print volume than the MendelMax 2: 200 x 225 x 200mm, still quite reasonable. 
The base machine is set up for printing PLA plastic only; if you want to print ABS and other “hotter” and warpy materials MTW recommends purchasing their optional heated bed. You also get a choice of 1.75 or 3.00mm filament capability.  
For now you can pre-order a Fusematic kit for only USD$799 (add USD$50) for the heated bed option. Shipping is expected mid-January. We think this could be a good choice for an inexpensive yet well-designed 3D printer. 

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