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The Urbee Car: Destroyed?

This picture tells the story. Evidently the world’s first 3D printed car, the Urbee, incurred significant damage while being shipped home to North America from the recent 3D Printshow in London. It looks to us that either the car was not properly tied down or the shipping container took a bit of a tumble. 
The damage is located in the front end, where several 3D printed panels are clearly broken. It’s also possible other adjacent panels were also affected. 
From Urbee’s Facebook page: 
BUSTED! We just opened the crate in which URBEE was shipped back to us from London & Paris. We were shocked to see that the front end of the car has been severely damaged. This is a big blow to a self funded project like ours. Please consider making a donation at so we can repair the car!
We’re hoping the project can gain funding sufficient to at least restore the car back to its original state or better. 
Not a good day for the Urbee. 

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