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MakerBot’s Colorful Plastics

MakerBot is making a big deal out of their plastic selection, and they should. It’s a far cry from their initial selection of plain old colors years ago. Today you’ll find it includes a really terrific set of colors that they’ve grouped into: true colors, translucents and specialties. They offer ABS, PLA, dissolvable and flexible plastics. 
We got a close look at the selection at last week’s CES where MakerBot had literally printed out a bunny in every single material they offer. It’s then you can appreciate the huge spectrum offered. In all they now offer 23 colors of PLA, 20 colors of ABS, 20 colors of flexible filament and one color of dissolvable material. That’s an awful lot of bunnies!  
We’re particularly interested in the translucent colors, as you can see here in this figurine printed in translucent red PLA. Beauty!
3D printed objects often look best when produced in specific colors. MakerBot now makes the selection of colors much easier with their rather comprehensive product shelf. 

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