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Which 3D Designs Are Worth The Money?

While it’s easy (if you know how to search) find free 3D models for printing on Thingiverse, there are several sites offering pay-for 3D models. In a world where there are literally hundreds of thousands of free models, which ones would people purchase for cash? 
3D model site 3DAGOGO offers a selection of free models, but some are offered at a price. They recently listed the five most popular items sold from their site and we wanted to see what kind of items people were buying. 
The top item was a multi-part Airship model, followed by: 
  • A christmas tree ornament
  • A wine bottle holder with a guitar theme
  • An action toy
  • A halloween skull
What does this tell us? 
Clearly there is interest in seasonal items, as both the ornament and skull fall in that category. The bottle holder might be classified as a “useful” household device, and in this case made even more interesting through the guitar theme. Finally, the airship and the action toy are just very cool models. 
If your 3D model is sufficiently attractive and useful in either function or timing, it could be worth some money. 

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