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3D Printshow Comes to the Big Apple

Last November we had the pleasure of attending the second London 3D Printshow, in London, of course. The event was spectacular, but attended mostly by Europeans who live close to the city of London. Due to distance people from North America often found it difficult to travel so far to attend. 
But all that’s changing. 
3D Printshow is set to launch the inaugural 3D Printshow NYC in February. The event will take place from February 12-15th at NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion. 
We like this event not only because the venues are unusual and a bit funky, but because the event is distinctly divided into key themes. Exhibitors are placed in related areas, for example. Each day of the event has a specific theme, attracting like-minded people for highly effective networking. At the NYC event this year, day-themes include: Business, Education and Investment. 
There’s a lot more that you’ll see if you attend this year’s 3D Printshow in NYC. 
If you’re anywhere near the NYC area or can make the journey, please check out this new 3D Printshow event. 

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