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What Will 3D Systems Announce at CES 2014?

We knew 3D Systems was set to make significant announcements at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, but now we have a preview. In a press release they said they would make not one, but TWELVE announcements. This is startling, as they previously announced a dozen or so new items at last month’s EuroMold conference in Frankfurt. 
While 3D Systems did not reveal any deets on the new items, they did publish this tantalizing meta-list: 
  • Previews a dozen cutting-edge consumer products and experiences
  • Unveils B-2-B-2-C powerful merchandising and licensing platforms
  • Reveals 3 new product categories: edibles, ceramics and full-color models
  • Launches at home and in-store physical photography products and services   
  • Participates in CES SuperSession and keynotes ‘3D Printing Uncovered’
Ok, what does all this mean? Let’s take a look at some of these statements: 
  • Ceramics: This is likely the fruit of their recent acquisition of Figulo, the leading ceramic 3D printing service. 
  • Full-Color Models: This might be their new ProJet full color machine. 
  • Physical Photography: 3D Systems has long delivered image-to-3D model services. We suspect they will announce a vastly improved system for doing so. 
And there’s that word, “edible”. 
We think chocolate. 

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