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Design of the Week: Morphologic

This week’s selection is Morphologic, by the team of Chien Shuo Pai, Alberto Herrera Salas, Nishanth Peethala and Zhu Kele. Their purpose was to develop a structure that could become an architectural component. In the image you can see a miniature version demonstrating how the basic component can be recombined into potentially colossal structures. 
They say:  
An abstract geometric model that displayed properties of reconfiguration was selected and studied in order to arrive at components bearing lightness, curvature and reconfigurability as characteristics. The components have a certain geometric elegance of their own. They fit to each other perfectly by matching surfaces in their own geometry and are held together through a network of cables. An array of these components form completely closed surfaces and along with the designed soft joint, are able to achieve pre designated curvatures. 

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