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What Will Happen at CES 2014?

This week is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where in recent years the 3D printing industry has gained a foothold; many 3D printing companies now present their story at booths on the trade show floor. So many 3D printing companies now exhibit at the show that organizers have placed them all within a kind of “3D printing zone”. 
We’re attending, of course, and hope to visit all the presenters and see any new equipment that might be announced. Some of the questions we hope to answer: 
  • What is the new MakerBot equipment? A Replicator 3, perhaps? 
  • How will 3D Systems’ Cubify division evolve? Will they improve on the CubeX? Or shift to a different technology? 
  • What conversations between Afinia and Stratasys take place regarding the latter’s claims of patent infringement? 
  • How much larger will last year’s startup companies have grown by 2014? 
  • What new equipment will demonstrate revolutionary features? 
  • Which vendor will capture the “best of show” award? 
We don’t know the answers to those questions yet, but we will next week. Also: give us a shout if you have something you’d like us to check out at the show. 


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