Developments in 3D Food Printing

We’re looking at a video from TNO, who have been developing various forms of 3D food printing. 3D printed food seems to be a topic of great interest among the public, although we’re not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s because almost everyone finds themselves in a kitchen sooner or later and reckons they’re a kind of “food maker”, whereas a lot fewer people consider themselves a “thing maker”. 
But what is TNO up to? According to their video, they’ve been working on several different food printing processes, including: 
Selective Laser Sintering
Powder Bed Printing
Fused Deposition Modeling (Note, however, that “FDM” is a registered trademark of Stratasys and thus TNO is not truly using FDM.)
TNO exhibited some of their work at two culinary shows in Europe recently. 
Is this the beginning of a 3D food printing revolution? Our thoughts tomorrow. 
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