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Nectar’s User Friendly Delta 3D Printer: The Nectar One

Looking for a delta 3D printer that’s easy to use? Best check out the Nectar One.

Nectar is a Dutch startup aiming to revolutionize 3D printing in the fields of usability, versatility and safety.

Nectar 3D aims at creating a user friendly delta-type open source 3d printer implementing a couple of smart solutions such as:

  • Built in filter system
  • Automaticonline and offline slicing
  • Amount of remaining filament indicator
  • Smart filament (automatically changing settings depending on material)
  • Two print nozzles
  • Network printing, queuing, prioritizing and managing prints

Nectar says:

When founders Nick Wilderink and Stein de Haan met they were inspired by the freedom that a 3D printer could offer. Soon after, they learned that bringing their ideas to life wasn’t easy. Frustrated by the lack of quality in low-end printers and the complexity and price tags of the high-end ones they set out to create a 3D printing experience that truly lives up to its potential.

Coincidentally, Nectar’s Chief Technical Advisor is none other than Fabbaloo friend Richard Horne of RichRap fame. To us, that’s a strong signal this project will succeed. 

Finally, the Nectar One is not yet available, but it is expected the company will launch the product with a Kickstarter campaign this November. 

Via Nectar 3D

Fabbaloo correspondent and 3D Generalist Wojtek Grabczak reports from this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, where a number of new 3D printing announcements have been made. 

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