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Stratasys Opens New Factory

Sales of  Stratasys’ Connex equipment must be going well. So well they had to open a brand new factory to build them. 

This week Stratasys held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, where they’ve just opened an expansion of their resin consumables facility. Resin is the print material for the PolyJet tech used in their Objet product lines, which include the multimaterial-capable Connex lines. 

Evidently this is a signal that the technology is reaching many clients. Stratasys makes money not only from sales of the 3D printers themselves, but also from sales of the proprietary resins used by them. It’s kind of like the “razor blade” business model, except you pay for the razor, too. 

The resins used by these 3D printers demand high prices, but their capabilities match. Not only can you mix their “digital” resins together to produce new materials on the fly during prints, but you can select colors from a number of palettes, print with flexible or transparent materials and even produce medically suitable objects, all at very high print resolutions. 

There shouldn’t be shortages of Objet resin anytime soon. 

Via Stratasys

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