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Demand High for New Solidoodle 3D Printer

We wrote on Solidoodle’s new “Press” personal 3D printer a few months ago and now it’s getting close to shipment. 

Those who pre-ordered the device last summer have been patiently waiting for shipment of the inexpensive device, but we’re hearing the beginnings of some impatience from the community. 

In response, Solidoodle Sam Cervantes sent a personal message to all those who have ordered recently from the company. He said: 

We are working as fast as possible to ship your order. but due to the overwhelming demand we have had to adjust our shipping schedule. In order for us to guarantee that you will receive the best product possible we are taking some extra time for quality assurance testing before we box them up and send them out. We expect to begin shipping orders by October 30th.

We are not surprised by slight delay; they are common among companies developing new products. On the other hand, it’s comforting to see a company taking the time to get it “right” before shipping.

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