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Design of the Week: CLUG

This week’s selection is the CLUG, a 3D printed bike clip. 

They say it’s the “world’s smallest bike rack”, and that’s likely true. It’s a small fixture that passively clamps onto a bicycle wheel. But the ingenious design permits you to affix the CLUG to walls or floors, providing a minimalist method of parking your bike. 

While you can screw a CLUG into the floor to provide a kind of bike-stand-like storage, we prefer a vertical mount. Vertical mounting saves a lot of space. 

The CLUG is also small enough to take with you and install wherever you happen to journey, so long as you bring a screwdriver and have permission. Ok, perhaps you may need an portable electric drill, too. 

The CLUG represents the prototypical simple product one can develop with 3D printing technology: a basic shape that, through 3D printed iterations, becomes a very useful product. 

The CLUG will be available for purchase this month in three sizes, one of which should match your bike’s tire width. All are priced at USD$25. 


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