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Free Additive Manufacturing Introductory Course

Are you in a business faced with a transition to 3D printing technology? There’s a course for that. 

Deloitte University Press is holding a free online course intended to introduce the basic concepts of 3D printing as it relates to manufacturing. The course content will cover not only the essentials of the technology itself, but also how it relates to your business, focusing on business changes required, industrial uses and factors to consider when evaluating 3D printing options. 

While knowledge of 3D printing has been rapidly expanding in the past few years, the majority of manufacturing operations have yet to fully embrace the technology. If you are in a business contemplating use of (or even wondering about) 3D printing, you might want to register for this free introduction. It’s available from Octobe 19-November 22 of this year. 

Via Deloitte

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