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HP Sets Announcement Date

Well! HP has issued invitations to media for a special event on October 29th. What could it be about? 

We suspect it could be the long-awaited entry of HP into the 3D printing market, as we wrote previously. HP indicated it would announce their intentions in October of this year, and the 29th still counts as being in October. 

If this is the case, expect big shakeups in the industry. It’s likely they’ll announce some form of industrial 3D printing - and the technology they use might be significantly different and more effective than existing options. In other words, we may see stock prices fall. 

On the other hand, we have no idea what they’ll announce. Let’s wait and see what happens on the 29th. It's a three hour event, so expect them to tell us a lot. 

It’s a 3D Printed CNC Mill

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