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3D Printed Racing Cars!

A car racing game based on 3D printing has emerged. 

3D Racers is “A racing game you can print!” according to their website. And that’s precisely what it is. 

Using their service you can specify a number of parameters to generate unique miniature racing cars. The 3D printed car parts are assembled along with key components such as wheels, Arduino controller and more to produce a working remote control racing car. 

A sensor in each car detects “gates” by which cars are tracked during races. Software manages scoreboards, lap times and more. 

3D Racers has been shown at Makerfaire, but we understand they’re building up to a crowdfunding campaign that should launch soon. 

This is a great example of how 3D printing can change a relatively common activity (RC car racing) into something much more exciting. The notion of easily designing your own vehicle puts more of you in the game. 

Via 3D Racers

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