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Unusual 3D Designs from Think3D

Another 3D model repository? Yes, but this one is slightly different. 

It’s from India-based Think3D, a regional reseller of 3D printing gear and services. Like many 3D printing operations these days, Think3D has created a small ecosystem focused on shared 3D models. The idea is that printing requires models and models require printing. If you have one, you’ll soon need the other. 

Their 3D model repository is similar in structure to most other smaller repositories provided by 3D print service bureaus, but what we noticed as unique were the model themes. 

Mixed in with the usual 3D models found in most repositories were a number of India-themed items. You’ll find 3D models for “The Eternal Buddha” or “The Tower of Pi”

If you have a liking to Indian themes, you may want to check out  Think3D. 

Via Think3D

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