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MakerBot Expands to South Africa

MakerBot continues to spread its marketing umbrella across the globe, now entering Africa.

The personal 3D printer manufacturer announced a partnership with Rectron South Africa to resell its equipment as the “first distribution partner in Africa.” Rectron will provide Africa with the entire line of MakerBot products. 

With this move we’re seeing a pattern develop. When MakerBot first entered Europe, they made arrangements with various resellers, similar to the deal they’ve made with Rectron for Africa. However, once business reached a certain level, MakerBot then launched “MakerBot Europe” to sell directly to Europeans. This obviously put a dent into other European resellers, but it seems to be the evolution of sales processes. 

For Africa, we suspect there will be additional distributors identified over the next year or so. If business takes off as MakerBot hopes, could there be a MakerBot Africa in the works? 

Via BusinessWire

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