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A Filament Monitor for MakerBots

Have you had a bad experience running out of filament during a print? There’s a solution for that. 

No, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase on of MakerBot’s latest machines, whose smart extruder can automatically detect end of the filament spool. No, this is an add-on feature from Tunell: the 3D Printer Filament Monitor. 

The small device simply tracks the flow of filament and alerts the 3D printer when the filament end passes through. The device signals the printer to pause, permitting the operator (you) to swap out the filament with a fresh spool. 

No more wasted filament on partial prints!

The device is designed to work with MakerBot and MakerBot clone equipment (not the current generation that already includes this feature, but the older equipment). It’s available in a variety of configurations: 

  • Filament monitor single kit (USD$55)
  • Filament monitor assembled (USD$65)
  • Filament monitor double kit (USD$80)
  • Filament monitor double assembled (USD$100)

Note that all of these options “require Soldering to Motherboard”, so don’t proceed unless you’re comfortable doing so. 

Is this option worth it? We think so, simply because the amount of filament one can lose on failed prints could add up to the cost of the monitor quickly, particularly if you print large objects. 

Via Tunell

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