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RepRapPro’s Ormerod 2 3D Printer


A company specializing in open source DIY 3D printer kits offers an improved personal 3D printer. 

RepRapPro Ltd provides thousands of companies, organizations and individuals around the world with self-replicating RepRap printer kits and accessories. That is, of course, the goal of the open source RepRap project: self-replication. 

ormerod2 table.jpeg

The company produces high quality, low-cost RepRap kits and associated components. The kits start at around £450 (plus vat) (USD$730) and it's later iteration, the Ormerod 2, is a trail blazing 3d printer kit with a number of innovative features such as bed level and frame alignment compensation, network enabled interface and build volume larger than its predecessors. 

Via RepRapPro

Fabbaloo correspondent and 3D Generalist Wojtek Grabczak reports from this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, where a number of new 3D printing announcements have been made. 

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