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3D Printing … On Sale Now at Walmart

Personal 3D printing has come a very long way in the past couple of years, touching the public increasingly frequently.

At first 3D printing gear was found only on obscure websites, available only from online shops. Then it got a lot more attention. Some 3D printing companies opened up (and continue to open) direct retail stores for the public to see the technology. 

We have seen multiple sales relationships develop, where the larger 3D printing companies partner with major retail chains to market their products nation-wide, or even world-wide. 

The dream of many of us was to see 3D printing become a commonly used technology, something that one could pick up at the corner store. That dream has more or less become true. 

Today we see 3D printing technology available at many major chains around the world, including Walmart (above), Staples and Home Depot. Walmart, as of this writing, carries no less than eleven different models from five different manufacturers. 

It seems it’s only a matter of time before other chains strike deals with manufacturers to gain access to the increasingly popular 3D printing technology their customers will begin asking for. 

Pick up a home replication machine. At Walmart. Incredible.

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