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Design of the Week: Carl Sagan Bust

This week’s selection is the detailed Carl Sagan bust by Mushogenshin Kyakunohoshi of Houston. 

There’s not much too it: this item is in fact a detailed 3D model of Carl Sagan on a pedestal. Why do we find it interesting? Two reasons. One is explained by the designer, Kyakunohoshi, who says: 

I just sculpted this digital bust of Carl Sagan to celebrate the sixth annual Carl Sagan day, which is on November 9th, 2014.

It’s not Carl Sagan Day today, but better late than never.

The other reason is simply, Carl Sagan was an incredible human. His thoughts, words and ideas influenced many of us, making the world a better place.  

Thanks, Carl. And thanks, Mushogenshin!

Via Thingiverse and Mushogenshin

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