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Stratasys Nabs Former HP Exec

This is interesting: An executive from HP has joined Stratasys. 

The specifics are that Chris Morgan has been appointed as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printing companies on the planet, owner of MakerBot and many other 3D-related subsidiaries. 

Morgan apparently worked at HP from 2004 to 2009 as their SVP for printing in AsiaPac. 

But this is the interesting part: HP just announced they’re entering the 3D printer market with brand-new technology. 

Technology that they’ve no doubt worked on for many years. Perhaps even during Morgan’s tenure at HP. It’s possible that Morgan knows a bit more about HP’s strategy than your average executive, thus it is a very strategic move for Stratasys, who will be facing a challenging competitor once HP hits the market. 

At Stratasys Morgan will be responsible for “global marketing activities, including developing strategy and building a global team that will support the company’s worldwide expansion and rapid growth.”

The story continues. 

Via BusinessWire

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