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A Few Flashforge 3D Printer Tips

The folks at the University of Washington’s Mechanical Engineering Department’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory apparently like fixing their Flashforge 3D printers. 

They’ve posted a series of articles describing various problems and how to fix them, often with simple modifications to the machine. 

We know the Flashforge is one of the most popular personal 3D printers out there, due to its reliability and low cost, so we suspect many readers may be interested in this series of fix-it articles.  

There are several in the series:

Flashforge Creator-X: Reducing mass, improving build quality
FlashForge X-Axis belt mod
FlashForge and ABS
Purge Your Hot ends! (To avoid clogging)
Flashforge Stepper Harness Failure
FlashForge print shift issues
Life with the Flash Forge Creator-X

We’ve previously enjoyed their posts on ceramic 3D printing experiments, but these posts will be of particular interest to anyone with a Flashforge Creator-X

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