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Fabbaloo Visits EuroMold

This week our team will be on the ground in Frankfurt, Germany attending the annual EuroMold trade show. 

The event is billed as the “World Fair for Moldmaking & Tooling Design and Applications”, and it certainly covers those topics. But in recent years, the technology of 3D printing has become a key method of producing molds and tooling. 

While there will no doubt be massive halls of traditional prototyping equipment and services, the fair now includes an entire hall dedicated to things 3D printing. We’re expecting to find all the major commercial vendors present, including those manufacturing equipment for printing in metal, plastic or stone, for use in aerospace, automotive, medical or fashion applications. 

They’re all there. That’s why we’re going. 

We’re also expecting to hear many announcements of new products and services, which you can be certain we’ll tell you. 

If you’d like to show us something interesting at the show in Frankfurt or Munich, or just have a chat, give us a shout and we’ll try and find you. 

Via EuroMold

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