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PrintToPeer’s Voice Control

PrintToPeer has added a very special feature to their 3D print streaming solution: voice control!

PrintToPeer's 3D printing accessory provides an ability to control your 3D printer remotely, including monitoring and even video feeds. 

Ok, the voice feature could be considered a “bell and whistle” feature, but it is captivating. Please watch the video below to see how it will work. 

It’s magic. 

This simple interface takes the 3D printing experience to a new level, where you can, for a brief moment, pretend you’re in a future world of intelligent replicators. 

However, it’s not the future yet. You’ll still have to find or make all the 3D models you wish to print. You’ll also have to load the filament and prepare the print bed for each print operation. 

One step at a time. 

Via PrintToPeer

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