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Robox Enters US Market

Personal 3D printer manufacturer CEL Technology has begun selling the Robox 3D printer directly in the United States. 

For smaller manufacturers it’s a huge step: entering the massive US market. Not only is the USA a very large market, it is full of 3D printing competitors. Nevertheless, CEL Technology has taken a step into that market by launching two new channels: 

  • A USA-dedicated website, where North Americans can more easily order the Robox printer and supplies
  • Partnering with local US resellers RobotShop and Dynamism

The pricing is curious, however. At the official CEL online shop the Robox is marked down from USD$1,799 to USD$1,549. Meanwhile the two resellers list the device at USD$1,499. Dynamism even offers free shipping. 

Many brands of 3D printing equipment are available at an increasing number of online resellers, retail chains and in some cities physical retail shops. Consumers have never had better choices for 3D printing gear.  

Via CEL USA, RobotShop and Dynamism

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