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Three (Or More) New 3D Figurine Services

We noticed three new 3D printed figurine services, but we think there’s a lot more than just three. 

The three services are: 


The latter is a popup store in France, but our point is that the effort required to set up this type of service is now low enough to permit an explosion of such services. These are but three of dozens, perhaps hundreds of similar operations appearing, well, everywhere.

It’s probably similar to the early 20th century when photographic studios popped up nearly everywhere. Once equipment is readily available, folks will begin using it to provide valuable services. In the case of photography - and 3D printed figurines, the service cannot easily be done remotely. In other words, there are technical reasons why every city must have their own figurine service. 

It’s the problem of quality 3D scanning. It really requires special equipment - a 3D scanning booth with dozens of digital cameras and bright, even lighting, combined with sophisticated software to convert captured 2D images into a unified 3D model. The models can be quickly sent to any number of 3D print services to physically print the figurines. 

Recently it’s become relatively less expensive to construct such 3D scanning booths. For a few tens of thousands of dollars (most for digital cameras) one can easily make a high-power 3D scanning booth suitable for scanning people and pets. And children. 

The software to perform the 3D magic inexpensive as well, making the cost of setting up a “3D studio” affordable by an entrepreneur, but more than a consumer would care to spend. Thus, the need for 3D figurine studios appears. 

It could be a new 21st century occupation: 3D Photogrammetryist? Figuriner? 

Watch for them in your city.

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